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Tiny Dino Studios giveaway on Tangled Happy

Check out the awesomeness of Marla and Sara!  These local fiber artists in Topeka got together and want to bestow upon us mere mortals some awesome hand dyed yarn.  Check out Marla’s Etsy page for all the yarns you can choose from and run over to Tangled Happy to comment before 9pm March 17th.



Fun with yarn dyeing!!

This was earlier in the summer, but I had the absolute best time dyeing Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool with kool-aid and cooking dyes.  It was so easy!  And if I didn’t like how it turned out, I just dyed it again.




I love the tone on tone dyed yarns so for this project I dyed a hank in three shades of green using food coloring liquid dyes.  It worked great.  And the pattern made itself!  wooo!!!  And then I felted it into a cute little purse.