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Playing with the knitting machine

So I had the idea to whip up smaller size blankets on the (very basic) knitting machine I share with some friends and then add, not just a little crochet edge, but nice, decorative (maybe even fancy or lacy) crochet edging that could dress it up and make a neat baby or kids blanket.  I’m working on one for a friend who just had a baby Sunday (yay for Scarlett and her new baby girl Beatrice Kate) and I made the body pretty quick, about an hour, on the machine and then decided I’d better work on my sweater a little more before I started on the edging.  My idea is to complement the (rather boring) pink body of the blanket with red, orange and hot pink to give it a little more character.  Right now it’s just a curled up little ball of knitting, so no pictures until I work on the edge.


Finished baby afghans!

Yay!  I have two finished baby afghans to display.  I like working on things, but sometimes they don’t get finished so this is definite progress!!  The yellow one is half double crochet with a shell border in white.  The striped one is a basic ripple in double crochet.



The edging on the white and yellow blanket was something like:  slip stitch in the 1st stitch, chain 2 *skip 2 stitches, 5 double crochets into next stitch, skip next 2 stitches, single crochet into next stitch, repeat from * to end and finish off.