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A new market bag

Summer is the time for farmer’s markets, fresh air, fresh vegetables, homemade jam, bread, mmm the list goes on!  This leads me to think I need more market bags for going to the Saturday market.  I’ve made some in the past, generally all different patterns and most of them, while easy to make, go from a normal size bag to one 4 feet deep when you put one thing in it.  It isn’t so functional, sadly.  So I tried one with gussets yesterday of my own design.  Basic, of course, but I had a plan.

I made a rectangular base in single crochet worked in the round starting with a chain of 26.  Then I started the open work part by *chaining 2, skipping 1 stitch and then single crocheting into the next single crochet* and repeating across one long side of the rectangle.  On the short ends I wanted to continue the width of the base as a solid piece up through the strap so that part wouldn’t be as stretch. Roughly, the ends were 6 single crochet across and then I went back to the openwork pattern for the other long side.  And repeat.  There was some finagling on each end to keep from increasing and to keep the strap the same width, but those are minor details.  Near the top, I worked one round of *chain 1, skip 1 stitch, single crochet into the next single crochet* (smaller space) and then I worked 3 or so rounds of solid single crochet to make it sturdy.  Then I just worked a 6 stitch single crochet strap long enough when stretched to be a cross body strap and slip stitched it to the other side.  I only used 2 balls of peaches and cream cotton, not quite 200 yards so it isn’t huge, but I’m quite fond of it and I’ll be trying it out this Saturday!




Playing with the knitting machine

So I had the idea to whip up smaller size blankets on the (very basic) knitting machine I share with some friends and then add, not just a little crochet edge, but nice, decorative (maybe even fancy or lacy) crochet edging that could dress it up and make a neat baby or kids blanket.  I’m working on one for a friend who just had a baby Sunday (yay for Scarlett and her new baby girl Beatrice Kate) and I made the body pretty quick, about an hour, on the machine and then decided I’d better work on my sweater a little more before I started on the edging.  My idea is to complement the (rather boring) pink body of the blanket with red, orange and hot pink to give it a little more character.  Right now it’s just a curled up little ball of knitting, so no pictures until I work on the edge.

Fun with yarn dyeing!!

This was earlier in the summer, but I had the absolute best time dyeing Lion Brand Fisherman’s Wool with kool-aid and cooking dyes.  It was so easy!  And if I didn’t like how it turned out, I just dyed it again.




I love the tone on tone dyed yarns so for this project I dyed a hank in three shades of green using food coloring liquid dyes.  It worked great.  And the pattern made itself!  wooo!!!  And then I felted it into a cute little purse.

Elena’s new hat and scarf

I had hours on the train going up to visit the family in Michigan to work with her yarn, so this is finally what I came up with. This boucle yarn made it really hard to see my stitches when crocheting, but it still turned out cute!

Finished baby afghans!

Yay!  I have two finished baby afghans to display.  I like working on things, but sometimes they don’t get finished so this is definite progress!!  The yellow one is half double crochet with a shell border in white.  The striped one is a basic ripple in double crochet.



The edging on the white and yellow blanket was something like:  slip stitch in the 1st stitch, chain 2 *skip 2 stitches, 5 double crochets into next stitch, skip next 2 stitches, single crochet into next stitch, repeat from * to end and finish off.

Crocheted baby sweater

I can’t believe I was able to make this in one day!  The pattern creator said it was possible, but I still doubted.  It worked!!  Here’s the link to a great website and this pattern.  Crochet Me – Baby It’s Cold Outside sweater. It’s my first try at clothing and I think it worked out great!  =)