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Casting on for Ribbing

So I wanted to cast on a project that starts with ribbing and after watching The Knitting Glossary from Elizabeth Zimmermann and Meg Swansen (that’s another post coming soon) I had a new cast on to try.  Actually, it’s long tail cast on but you do it backwards for the purl stitches.  Hmm, that might not make sense.  Here, I made a video!

And here’s what it looks like.  Can you see two little purl bumps and two knit stitches, sort of?

A cast on edge for ribbing


The Unblogged Cardigan

Silly me, I’ve had something to blog about all winter and I never thought about writing anything or taking any pictures.  Last Fall, mom and I decided to knit the same pattern for ourselves.  After looking through a lot of patterns, we decided on the Sitcom Chic spring cardigan.  It was simple and only had one button.  We both modified it to be more of a cold weather/Fall cardigan and made it out of wool with longer sleeves.  I think I made the Medium and she made the Large from the pattern, it just depends on how you want it to fit, but I think they both work.

In cotton, I suppose this would make more sense since it isn’t supposed to come together at the bottom.  In wool, that doesn’t make quite as much sense… and only one button to keep me warm.  It’s just going to be a layer and I certainly wear a lot of brown, tan, and blue so I think I’ll keep it busy this next winter.  I tried to knit a little tighter although the yarn I used was still a light worsted weight (slightly bigger than dk weight) and my needles were size 8.  One of these days I’ll make a project that uses smaller needles and finer yarn… and probably love it.  The tighter it is, the better it will wear and that is important to me.  I want things I make to last!

Mom and I model our handmade knit (and matching!) cardigans.

Mom and I model our handmade knit (and matching!) cardigans.

The Birthday Hat

I had to get a picture in here of this hat/cap mom made for me for my birthday!  It is so sweet and warm and seemed like a really quick knit.  What was the pattern mom?  You should post it in the comments.  =)  I helped her pick out the yarn over the phone but I didn’t really know what the project was going to be and we decided to go with a color that was different than what I usually wear.  It’s just an accessory so it supposed to stand out a bit.  And then I wore it over to the Brookside Art Fair (which was super great and FREE) and it kept my head toasty warm.

Thanks mom!  I love it.

Alex and I smile for the camer after our birthday cake.

Alex and I smile for the camera after our birthday cake.

Playing with the knitting machine

So I had the idea to whip up smaller size blankets on the (very basic) knitting machine I share with some friends and then add, not just a little crochet edge, but nice, decorative (maybe even fancy or lacy) crochet edging that could dress it up and make a neat baby or kids blanket.  I’m working on one for a friend who just had a baby Sunday (yay for Scarlett and her new baby girl Beatrice Kate) and I made the body pretty quick, about an hour, on the machine and then decided I’d better work on my sweater a little more before I started on the edging.  My idea is to complement the (rather boring) pink body of the blanket with red, orange and hot pink to give it a little more character.  Right now it’s just a curled up little ball of knitting, so no pictures until I work on the edge.


Well, I decided to go with plain and simple.  I avoided the project for… three days I think, and that’s way too long if I’m going to try and finish it by the end of the Olympics.  I had started some artistic ribbing in the front, but because my first purl insisted on being too loose, it looked wrong and I pulled it out.  So now it is going to be my army sweater.   A plain, simple, everyday, possibly favorite kind of sweater.  Or at least that is the plan.  So now my next goal is to make the body nice and long.  I tend to cut it a little short because I’m antsy about getting to the sleeves, but I will not do that this time!  No, sir, I will get it all the way down to my hips, I swear.  And the sleeves will not discourage me, but that is a post for another time when I finally make it that far.  =)  Until then… I will post a picture of what I have done tonight or tomorrow.

Yay! Progress!!!

Raglan seam line

Raglan seam line

OK, finally I’ve moved past the decision making and past a few trouble spots and I can see the top of a sweater beginning to emerge out of the yarn.  I decided to go with green since my favorite shirt is green.  My eyes are hazel and I always think wearing green makes them look, well, greener.  And I don’t know why I didn’t go with nicer yarn except that I’m cheap and there was a time crunch and this really is a neat green.  The Vanna yarn is called Olive, but it’s darker than that with a little bit of gold/yellow in there.  I really hope those yellow tones are supposed to be good for my pale/pink complexion.  I can’t remember the rules on colors.  Anyway, I think it’s going to look a little, or a lot, like a military sweater.  I can’t decide whether I should encourage that or make some adjustments to be more girlish.  Of course the original picture flares out into a dress sort of thing… I haven’t thought that far for my design yet.

Oh, and I’m at the big crucial point where I put the sleeve stitches on spare yarn and just work the body for the next day or two so body decisions come first, then sleeve decisions.

Third time is the charm, right?

I certainly hope it’s true that I won’t have to start over again.  I’m on my third go at beginning this sweater and it’s starting to annoy me just a little.  I’ve made changes every time to my increase choice, I tried YO – they were ok but too holey, Elizabeth Zimmerman M1 – which is just a backwards loop or two and those were fine except my stitch marker wasn’t in the right place and I didn’t get them lined up right.  It didn’t look terrible… it didn’t look good either.  This third time I’ve added 1×1 ribbing at the edge and then I’m using increases that I don’t know the names for… work the stitch below the right one, then work the back of the stitch below the left one.  It makes a really, really nice increase line, I’ll post a picture in a little bit when I’m farther on the yoke.  I also adjusted my spacing for the increase points, I had too few stitches for the shoulders I think. 

Sometimes it’s so nice to just have a pattern and to follow it, but it’s pretty fun to make it up too.  =)