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A Quilt made with Love

I’m pretty sure every quilt is made with love but this one is very special to me. The book it’s from is Scatter Garden Quilts by Pamela Mostek and I designed it for my mom. I used Patti’s Quilt pattern, but of course took it in my own direction with fabric selection.

Each of those tiny squares (Do you see them?) are 1 inch x 1 inch and the rest are 2 inch x 2 inch squares. Those are really small and that’s a queen size bed!

It took me a couple of months to make it and then, oh, four years to find someone to actually quilt it so my mom could use it. But a couple Christmases ago I finally got it done and now it’s where it belongs – with my mom.

My Grandmother was a quilter and I want to keep that in our family.